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Andy Cook grew up not having a thing to do with music, not even listening to the radio in the car. He’s the first to say it’s pretty weird—but then again, what else can you expect from a hockey goalie? As a kid unsure of himself, the game became a place to be someone else. But the truth is that a person can’t hide behind a mask forever.

After finishing college and the dreams of youth were replaced with the reality of unknown adulthood, music started to make its way in. One afternoon a song came on the radio that made Andy Cook want to make songs too. There was certainty—he had to pick up a guitar, learn to play, and begin to write. What started as an intrigued effort grew and grew, until Cook found himself immersed in the Minnesota music scene, learning from everyone he could and looking up to artists who a short time later would become teachers, producers, collaborators and bandmates. Life without music became impossible to imagine.


Andy Cook’s new EP “In Space” pulls on a combination of melodic guitar riffs, waves of synth and percussion, and longing vocals for a record that is both modern and reminiscent. Produced by Jeremy Ylvisaker (Andrew Bird, Haley Bonar, Alpha Consumer), “In Space” covers territory from sweeping and psychedelic to urgent and pressing, with lyrics that pit a wry cynicism against determined optimism.

“These songs are about feeling like we know ourselves one moment, and like we’re lost the next. About having almost everything, but not the one thing. About all the spaces we find ourselves, inside and out. Because sometimes all we can hang onto are hopes and dreams, and in this space that might be all we need.”

Andy Cook is in many ways still that unsure kid. And while dreams change, they never die—and there is only more to come from this late-comer to the music scene.

RYIL: Real Estate, Kurt Vile, Mason Jennings, HALEY, The Pretenders

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Andy Cook grinds through a superficial dream in this week's Top 5 MN music videos - Jerard Fagerberg, City Pages, 6/20/17

"Andy Cook’s latest EP, In Space, is a brief, malign collection of ballads and burners. Songs like “Wings” and “Reasons for Being Afraid” reckon with dark and delicate truths, but it’s the third track here, “Don’t Drink the Water,” that pumps a greasy, grinding force into the collection.

This week, Cook released the video, directed by Mariah Crabb, and it provides a glimpse into the process of making In Space. Cook also offered some context in an email: “The idea behind the song and the video is that we so often get overburdened by what others want us to be …. In the end, we may just need to go back to what we want to be, and walk away from the rest.”

No idea what the cat in the sink has to do with that message, but it’s a fun addendum to a song that tackles a pretty heady topic."

Local Current Blog "This Week's Local Releases" - Jay Gabler, 89.3 The Current (3/1/16)
"Andy Cook, a Minneapolis purveyor of Americana, recorded his debut EP with some of the Twin Cities’ top talent — including Jeremy Ylvisaker, Eric Koskinen, and Jourdan Myers. Cook is young, but his biggest influences are the likes of Presley, Cash, and other Tennessee titans. Cook will be in good company with Sarah Morris for an EP release show this Saturday at the Aster Cafe."

Impressive EP Release Performance from Andy Cook at the Aster Cafe - David Rubine, Twin Cities Media (3/6/15)
"With a nice little chill in the air on Saturday evening along the bank of the Mississippi River near downtown Minneapolis, Andy Cook warmed up the very cozy and quaint Aster Cafe with a great performance. However, this night was not a standard performance. The buzz on Saturday was all about Andy’s self-titled EP release.

Andy hit the stage with high energy and confidence. His musicianship on the acoustic and electric guitar was tack on. The set was eclectic, engaging, sensitive, and extremely pleasing. Best of all … the crowd loved it! His six song EP takes you on a very cool journey and is a wonderful recording. The best part is that this is just the beginning for Andy Cook, and I can’t wait to see how his music, writing, and performances will mature and grow.

City Pages Local Frames - Jerard Fagerberg (12/7/15)
"Andy Cook has only been playing guitar and writing songs for three years, but he's already one of the Twin Cities' rising stars. He recorded a six-song debut EP alongside Erik Koskinen, Jeremy Ylvisaker, Zachary Brose, and JT Bates that'll be out in March, so he dropped off the video for "City of Fortune," a countrified prison blues song that traces influences from Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley. Cook's vision of Minneapolis — namely downtown — has a certain forlorn quality that plays nicely with the world-weary vocals he provides."

Rift Magazine (12/1/15)
"If this doesn’t start your toes a tappin, you have a serious problem."